The grounding and refloting of the "Santa Kyriaki": 3

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On 30th december , the task of of salvaging the "Santa Kyriaki"was entrusted to N.V. Bureau Wijsmuller on the conditions laid down in Lloyd's Open Form. Early in January, a start was made with the digging of a basin in whitch the vessel could settle ten feet and, later, be turned through sixty degrees from her position parallel to the coast.
Nearly 70,000 cubic yards of sand were excavated in creating this basin. A few days after the excavation commenced, large quantities of salvage equipment were transported to the spot. Two ground tackles were laid out with the assistance of the salvage vessel "Octopus", a harbour tug and a motor launch, and the towing wire was laid on the seabed in readiness.
Day and night, contractors and salvage men worked to ensure that at H-hour - the spring tide on March 8th - the vessel would be ready for the attempt to refloat her. Early in the month, she was turned until her bow pointed to the beach. Meanwhile, in her engineroom men worked to raise steam so that the propeller and winches could be used in the final effort. The "Titan" and "Simson" had made fast the towing wire, and at each high tide the combined efforts of tugs and winches were thrown into the struggle. At high water on the 8th, the "Santa Kyriaki"slid into deep water and was pulled free. The "Titan" towed her to the port of IJmuiden, and later the vessel has been towed to the A.D.M. yard in Amsterdam.

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The photo's above: Draglines, Bulldozers and a small reclamation dredger were used
to create a basin around the stranded vessel

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Above: The "Santa Kyriaki"was refloated and towed  into  IJmuiden , the job is done!!

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