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The grounding and refloating of the "Santa Kyriaki"

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ON CHRISTMAS EVE, 1965, A STONE'S THROW FROM HER HOME PORT, the oceangoing tug "Titan" was in action in an angry North Sea.  
The 2,802g.r.t. Liberian-registered cargo vessel "Santa Kyriaki", proceeding in ballast. had been driven towards the coast and was in danger of going aground. "We stood by from  half past eight in the morning, said Captain H. Korendijk when the "Titan" returned to IJmuiden that night. 'He had only to grab our line and we could have pulled him into deep water." In reply to the tug's offer of assistance, the vessel had radioed "No more assistance. Thank you, master Santa Kyriaki."

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The "Titan" in an angry North Sea

At about 3 oçlock on the same afternoon, the vessel run aground on the beach south of IJmuiden. Naval helicopters took of the 17 members of the crew off before darkness fell.

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The Santa Kyriaki struggled to stay away from the coast
in a south westerly storm gale force 10 -11

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The Santa Kyriaki on the beach near IJmuiden, swept by heavy breakers

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The  beach life-boat could'nt be launched because the water stand to high
till the dunes.

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The crew was taken of by naval helicopters.

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